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PRS Return System: a pallet pooling service tailored to polymer & chemicals supply chains

PRS Return System: a pallet pooling service tailored to polymer & chemicals supply chains

PRS Return System realises an important efficiency improvement in the chemical industry by standardising pallets and streamlining logistics. We are your Partner for a simple and flexible solution. In Europe and Turkey, comprehensively – everywhere. One contract to manage pallet logistics at multiple sites. One interconnected network.

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Due to our pool size we always have PRS pallets available for you and can provide them from multiple sources within our pool.

Reduce Cost

Reduce Cost

We take collaboration seriously as a means to reduce costs, share assets and reduce carbon footprint.

High quality pallets

High quality pallets

We maintain a high quality pallet pool. We update our growing pool with at least 1 Million new pallets each year.

Easy to work with

Easy to work with

What makes us so special is our attitude. We strive to make using pallets simple for our customers. When you need us we will respond.

PRS Return System

POOLING PARTNERS PRS Return System: an effective pooling system for demanding environments

PRS Return System

Our system also works well with upstream suppliers into manufacturing centres and downstream re-users of pallets.

Our core pool pallet range is throughout Europe & Turkey. We can work with customers to extend this geography.

PRS pool pallets are made to our demanding standards. We only use softwood; well known for ensuring pallets are safe and reliable during use.

All pool pallets are available with ISPM15 regulated treatment (HT) to easily facilitate inter-continental shipment.


PRS Return System can demonstrate real benefits for many users of CP pallets who:

  • seek the economic and sustainability benefits of removing waste and removing single-use pallets,
  • demand quality assured pallets,
  • ship over half of their palletised product within Europe & Turkey,
  • can take the simple steps in their supply chain to benefit from pooling.


How it works:

  • Let us know the number of pallets you need.
  • We will deliver what you ordered: on time, in full.
  • Inform us when and where you have sent them.
  • We‘ll do the rest.


You can find our certifications here.


PRS Return System was founded in 1996, to establish the pallet pool for the European Polymer industry.

PRS Return System operates an efficient industry-wide pallet pool across Europe and Turkey. It has developed over almost 20 years by reducing waste and strongly growing packaging reuse. Today, PRS Return System, headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands, works across Europe using eight customer service centres and an extensive network of recovery and repair centres.

We have established a reputation for the way that we work every day with producers and their customers to provide an effective pallet pooling service. We understand your market and we strive to deliver quality, service and simplicity that will make the difference.

Many producers have already chosen the PRS pallet pool as a reliable, cost effective and sustainable packaging system.