Pooling Partners
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Europe’s #1 integrated full-service pooler and producer of pallets and boxes.



Whatever industrial sector you are in, goods always have to be transported from A to B.

This may relate to internal supply chains or to the external distribution of your goods to – in the end- end-users.

For all those movements Pooling Partners has the right solution for load carriers. We offer managed pooling of standard pallets and boxes, and pooling based on rental schemes with poolpallets. Poolpallets may have standard specifications too, but they can also be tailored to your specific market and customers.

Be it national, international or inter-continental, we can take parts or the whole management from your hands. Together we will always find the right solution for your situation.

Pooling Partners solutions include the European PAKi Logistics network (exchange based pooling), the IPP Logipal pool (rental based pooling) and the PRS Return System.

There is choice of widely accepted pallets and boxes available for each sector.