Pooling Partners
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Europe’s #1 integrated full-service pooler and producer of pallets and boxes.



The Polymer sector demands an assured supply of quality pallets designed and manufactured to carry bagged polymer to its customers across Europe both reliably and safely. The industry uses a range of standard pallet specifications known as CP pallets, as formally endorsed and adopted by the polymer manufacturing sector across Europe.

Our solutions.

Pooling Partners operates an efficient industry-wide pallet pool for users of standard CP type pallets across Europe working already with most of the major Polymer producers. With our PRS Return System we achieve reliable efficiency and sustainability benefits for our users by reducing waste and strongly growing packaging re-use.

We operate an extensive network of recovery and repair centres for our PRS Return System because we understand your market.

Our system also works well with upstream suppliers into manufacturing centres and downstream re-users of pallets.

All pool pallets are available with ISPM15 regulated treatment (HT) to easily facilitate inter-continental shipment.