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Bakkavor backs Pooling Partners to deliver the goods

Bakkavor backs Pooling Partners to deliver the goods

Leading fresh prepared foods manufacturer increases annual pallet demand by 25 per cent

Coventry, March 24, 2016 – One of the world’s largest manufacturers of own label fresh prepared foods to the retail sector has reinforced its commitment to Pooling Partners by increasing the number of pallets it uses to deliver produce to customers by 25 per cent.

The new deal with Europe’s leading integrated service pooler and manufacturer of pallets increases Bakkavor’s demand from 1.6 million to two million units as part of the Group’s incremental retail growth which has seen it become market leader in 11 of its 16 UK product categories.

Pooling Partners which pools over 75 million movements and manufactures and repairs 20 million pallets every year has retained the contract since 2009 and offers a ‘trade direct’ palletised service to help Bakkavor cost-effectively move products such as soups, salads and dips to its retail customers.

As part of the sustainable ‘circular economy’ which retrieves, repairs and re-uses pallets, ‘trade direct’ takes pallets directly from retail units to Bakkavor at a reduced cost to speed up the process and eradicate so-called ‘empty running’, the wasteful transport miles used on the return leg.

Using Pooling Partners, Bakkavor – which has a portfolio of over 5000 different fresh food products – has reduced its rejection rate to just 1.3 per cent meaning that more fresh produce gets through to customers on time without any supply chain delays.

Terry Moore, Bakkavor’s Logistics General Manager, said: “We have been very satisfied with the Pooling Partner model of ‘trade direct’ because they manage it to minimise the rejection rate whilst ensuring we can maximise deliveries to meet time-sensitive deadlines, at a cost-effective rate.

“The company has an understanding of our business needs as we have grown and, as a manufacturer of pallets, can ensure that quality is never compromised. It is a good model and a compelling business case based upon added value rather than the typical low cost model the industry has been used to.”

Carl McInerney, UK Country Director for Pooling Partners, said: “We take a holistic approach to Bakkavor to deliver a quality product and service at a reliable and realistic price with no surprise invoices – everything is transparent about the relationship.

“Bakkavor knows that from time to time it will get pallets it cannot use, but the strategy is to minimise such instances so as to constantly keep the supply chain moving.”