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From Russia with Love: How World Cup fever can present its own challenges

From Russia with Love: How World Cup fever can present its own challenges

We’re hoping a long hot summer of football will help many of our customers enjoy a bumper time – but the World Cup does present its challenges!

As part of a Dutch family-owned business which operates across Europe, it’s not easy to keep the celebrations cordial. Aside from helping with world politics, the World Cup will also become the world of football politics – which can be a fraught one as national prides face off and nervous penalty shoot-outs edge closer.

Will the TV be available for the Polish supporters during the day? Are the team rushing off early to the supermarket to stock up on drinks and crisps? (hopefully carried there by IPP pool pallets). Will the Germans still be smiling the next time we meet them? And are the Dutch even interested when we gleefully remind them there is a major tournament on (or will the Belgians have already told them?). And what about the Scots in the business having to decide whether to support England or whoever their opponents are?

So, spare a thought for increasingly diverse international businesses like IPP, which must cope with the challenge of delivering even more pallets to fuel and celebrate the success of a football-mad nation, but also must ensure the entente cordiale is extended way beyond its relationship with French colleagues.

“We move everything from drinks to snacks to barbecue fare. But the most difficult thing will be carrying the hopes of the various nations within our teams during the World Cup as we continue to do business across Europe,” said Phil Storer, UK director for IPP.

Providing the effective rental, retrieval and repatriation of pallets to optimise the supply chain in line with cost and carbon reductions, IPP minimises downtime and maximises cost and efficiency savings for clients as part of what is termed the ‘Circular ECOnomy,’ which ensures market-leading brands will never be in short supply on supermarket shelves during the tournament.