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IPP is to further strengthen its ties with PepsiCo in Belgium.

IPP is to further strengthen its ties with PepsiCo in Belgium.

Eindhoven, June 2018

Back in March, IPP, a division of Pooling Partners, introduced the: “Pallet Pooling Next Level: simple works best” model onto the Belgian market. This model embodies simplicity, resulting in immediate and significant cost-savings.

FMCG supply chains are opting for IPP pallets

The timing of the new model’s launch is opportune: the FMCG market is increasingly encouraging the use of pool pallets. The reason being superior quality and efficiency enhancement throughout the supply chain. In essence, pallet pooling results in an all-encompassing, easy service provision for the customer. One only needs to inform on needed pallet quantities, the timing and place. Moreover, no further (upfront) investment is required. The product is leased as it were; a concept that dovetails seamlessly with the prevailing ‘to rent, not own’ trend. As such, pallet pooling is Circular Economy-aligned, for it provides easy repair of breakages, free of additional charge.

PepsiCo Belgium’s snack division is also opting for IPP

The pooling model that IPP offers is all about simplicity: simple invoicing, straightforward communication & guaranteed stock levels are its key benefits.

The focus on simplicity ensures smooth-running partnerships, and has already seen many logistics managers change tack. This year PepsiCo Netherlands has opted to continue its partnership with IPP. Additionally, beginning in June, PepsiCo in Belgium will start supplying snacks on IPP pallets. Harold Notkamp concurs: “We have extended and expanded our partnership with IPP due to the smooth-running processes and cost-efficiency the model generates, whilst simultaneously contributing towards our sustainability policy.”