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Pioneering partnership with pladis cuts carbon emissions

Pioneering partnership with pladis cuts carbon emissions

A pioneering partnership between IPP Logipal and global snacking company pladis has been established to reduce environmental impact across the supply chain in the UK.

Home to iconic brands such as McVitie’s and Carr’s, pladis UK&I is working with IPP, part of Pooling Partners, Europe’s largest pooler and manufacturer of sustainable wooden pallets, to help reduce carbon emissions caused by empty trucks running on UK roads.

The collaboration is already working well with an estimated reduction of almost 30,000 km in unnecessary journeys and a 200 metric tonnes cut in carbon emissions.

The scheme’s simplicity is the key to its success with empty pladis UK&I trucks used to return or re-distribute Pooling Partners pallets.

Alistair Leckie, Transport Operations Controller at pladis UK&I, said: “Empty running is one the greatest challenges in every supply chain and impacts negatively on both carbon emissions and congestion.

“As a business, we know that we have a responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment and that’s why we are so encouraged by our partnership with Pooling Partners, because we can already see that it will deliver substantial benefits.

“Since teaming up for the trial in November last year we’ve seen great results and I believe we can improve and extend this working relationship even further.”

IPP shares the same philosophy. It was the business that coined the phrase ECOnomics, the economic benefits of running a sustainable and green supply chain in the circular economy.

Shelley Harris, Head of Commercial at IPP, said: “We are delighted to have teamed up with pladis UK&I to create a partnership which is already delivering tangible results for us both and for the environment.

“Since joining forces last November we’ve completed 188 jobs together, saving an average of 150km a leg.

“This means we’ve removed 28,200 km of trips from the roads which equates with saving 74.5 tonnes of carbon emissions to date.

“That means a lot fewer trucks, a lot less congestion and a lot less pollution so it’s a fantastic achievement and proves the value of this partnership.

“IPP covers the cost of the one-way trip but saves money in the process by eliminating the need for a two-way journey to move the pallets themselves. It’s proving a perfect partnership and looks set grow into a flourishing supply chain relationship.”