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Pooling Partners becomes ‘blade runner’ for new male grooming products

Pooling Partners becomes ‘blade runner’ for new male grooming products

Brexit may have got under the nation’s skin and caused great irritation, but the close shave result and demand for a smooth transition is almost a mirror image of another poll – how British males voted on body grooming protocols.

While most UK observers assume a stiff upper lip and taking it on the chin, the results of a ‘rough-erendum’ conducted by Beiersdorf, the makers of Nivea shaving products, suggest that 65 per cent of British males like to get things off their chests, and shave below the neck on a regular basis.

The revelation of Brits looking for an altogether smoother transition narrowly compares to 64 per cent of more than 300 male employees of the German grooming brand in the UK, according to its ‘Shaving the Nation’ survey.

The findings of the survey, which also highlighted that 71 per cent of Brits experience irritation from body shaving, compared to just 60 per cent of Beiersdorf staff, have now manifested themselves in a new body shaving range that hit the UK male grooming market in March 2018 with a television advert featuring first team players from Liverpool FC (see video below).

This is just a year before the date – 29 March 2019 – set for a ‘smooth’ Brexit transition.

“As a German company with interests in the UK, the findings were very interesting as up until now there have been no male grooming products on the shelves because of the false assumption that British men are only interested in shaving their faces,” said Peter Austin, transport manager at Beiersdorf UK.

“It was previously believed that body grooming was a female preoccupation, but looking at the diversity of styles of British men in 2017, the results should not have really come as such a surprise.

“It could be fashion or to help sportsmen be more aerodynamic in shaving seconds off a personal best, but we are the first to market with these new pre- and post-body shaving products designed to limit skin irritation, so that users no longer have to be dependent on conventional shaving products on larger, exposed areas.”

Coventry-based Pooling Partners, Europe’s leading pooler and manufacturer of sustainable wooden pallets currently moves millions of Beiersdorf products around the UK, and will be adding greater volume to its shipments to accommodate the new products.

Phil Storer, UK and Ireland Director for Pooling Partners, said: “While they may be a mystery to many, it would appear that keeping our shaving habits close to our chests is no longer the case, or perhaps it is, if that is one of the areas being groomed.”