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Pooling Partners has signed a partnership agreement with Eurotranspharma for European pallet management

Pooling Partners has signed a partnership agreement with Eurotranspharma for European pallet management Download press image

Ennepetal, 9 November 2016 – European production and pooling management leader in pallets and containers, Pooling Partners has signed a partnership agreement with Eurotranspharma, leader in health product transportation in France. Eurotranspharma (ETP) has selected the PAKi service for collection of European pallets distributed throughout its French network and then delivery for client account of high-quality “good as new” pallets to one of their European production locations.

This new partnership with Pooling Partners permits Eurotranspharma to perform its freight service with high quality “good as new” European pallets, a logistic tool that perfectly meets the needs of public health transportation.

European pool network

As pointed out by Jean-Alexis Etchri, responsible for pallet handling at ETP and Messaoud Zaboubi, branch manager for ETP Vémars: “We can take advantage of PAKi’s European coverage to enhance our response to the needs of our international clients.” Pooling Partners uses its PAKi solution, which is market leader as regards exchangeable, standardised pallet handling, to offer a re-localisation service and supply European pallets, their clients notably including one of the largest Eurotranspharma clients, who specialises in the medical nutrition field.

This specialist client offers a wide range of products addressing numerous clinical situations and it communicates its pallet requirements to Pooling Partners. Subsequently it receives these pallets with quality honed to its needs at a specified time and place anywhere in Europe. After use Pooling Partners then collects the pallets from the 14 Eurotranspharma regional branches in France.

Quality comes first

Christian Agasse, Pooling Partners’ Director Général for PAKi Logistics in France states: “We are very excited about this collaboration with ETP with their very demanding supply chain, and this is a perfect illustration of the our ability not only to re-localise pallets everywhere in Europe, but also to deliver the quality that our customers expect today.”

PAKi European pooling services of the Pooling Partners group have been offered for more than 40 years in 22 countries, including France for the last 10 years.