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Europe’s #1 integrated full-service pooler and producer of pallets and boxes.

IPP Logipal is one of the leading pallet and box rental providers to fast moving consumer goods supply chains and to industrial sectors across Europe

IPP Logipal Pool

IPP Logipal Pool

We do what we do thousands of times every day. That‘s how we‘ve become efficiency experts. We continuously improve the processes we operate to ensure streamlined pallet flows. We orchestrate and synchronise complex and extensive recovery, inspection, repair and fulfilment operations to deliver seamless pooling solutions to customers every day.

We are continuously optimising the pool performance and flows together with our extensive logistics capability. Our focus is to run a network that is perfectly suited to what our customers need.

El Palet Verde

Pooling Partners has the aim of implementing and using logistics operation systems for achieving a greater control and tracking of packaging, facilitating rotation and increasing recovery flows, at the lowest possible cost for our customers. To do this we perform an analysis of the loops and flow.

The customer will find in Pooling Partners’ Iberian operations (IPP, formerly El Palet Verde) an effective pooling solution that has available for you a clear and transparent offer in all its concepts and an on-line system, whereby you will receive and control your stock and distribution flows in real time

With the inestimable support of AECOC, Pooling Partners is closing specific collaboration contracts with important retail chains, which guarantee:

– Traceability of information

– Increase of rotation

– Maximum guaranteed losses of 1%

IPP Logipal Pool

IPP Logipal Solutions

IPP Logipal is one of the leading pallet and box rental providers to fast moving consumer goods supply chains and to industrial sectors across Europe

We work within major consumer goods markets in Europe and across industrial sectors in Europe delivering pallet and box solutions. What makes us so special is our attitude. We strive to make using pallets simple for our customers. When you need us we will respond. We are proactive in managing pallets and suggesting ways to improve. We are flexible in working together with customers, their upstream suppliers and downstream retailers and distributors.

IPP Logipal Pool

One-Way Trip

You produce. We pool.

For customers in fast moving consumer goods sectors we offer a simple One-Way trip system compatible with leading retail supply-chains and one which fulfils today’s needs for simplicity and quality. Brand owners, manufacturers and growers faced with a list of daily challenges don’t need to add pallets to that list. How it works: Let us know the number of pallets you need. We will deliver what you ordered: on time, in full. Inform us when and where you have sent them. We’ll do the rest.

We manage the collection of pallets at the end of your supply chain using an efficient collection and delivery network supporting our extensive service centre locations.

IPP Logipal Pool

Trade Direct

We pass our savings on to our customers.

Trade Direct is a service in which IPP Logipal delivers pallets directly from the last user, often a retail distribution centre, instead of from our own depot. These customers operate in a market sector in which high quality pallets are not required or monitor pallet quality themselves.

We pass our savings onto our Trade Direct customers, which means that our customers pay a lot less for this service than for the classic service.

Trade Direct is available in the UK and in the Benelux.

IPP Logipal Pool

Trade Collect

Benefit from deep savings.

This is another service similar to Trade Direct. Instead of IPP Logipal delivering the pallets, selected large customers can collect the pallets from the last user, such as a retail distribution centre.

These Trade Collect customers benefit from an even lower price than our Trade Direct customers.

IPP Logipal Pool

Daily Rental

A simple, straight forward rental solution.

Our Daily Rental system is primarily for use in closed loop environments where handling assets circulate without loss in a controlled environment or industry sector. Often between production locations or within upstream supply chains. Customers can simply order high quality pallets and other handling assets directly from us or via our Daily Rental System. After using them in a supply chain, when you no longer need them, you or one of your supply chain partners may return them to us and the rental ends. Should your pallets and other handling assets under rental need to be repaired, just exchange them at IPP Logipal, free-of-charge, for inspected quality replacements.

We aim to offer you a simple high quality solution, one which fits your business and is ready to go. Why wait? Get in touch with us and let one of our team explain how we can help you get ahead.

IPP Logipal – one of the leading FMCG and industrial pallet and handling media rental providers across Europe.

Pool Pallets for grocery and consumer goods, retail and industrial supply chains.

As part of Pooling Partners by the Faber Halbertsma Group we operate across Europe delivering pallet and box solutions that can span the continent or be delivered locally.

What makes us so special is our attitude to simplify the use of pallets for our customers. We are known for our responsive, proactive and flexible way of daily operating your pallet supplies for your supply chains. We know what counts and strive for a service that makes the difference.