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Universal WEEE Box

ADR WEEE, FPDs and PVs all require the use of boxes or cages with CRTs also being packaged in this format, particularly in sites with space limitations. Until now, it has been common to see four different packaging solutions each with their own specific management requirements.

The Universal WEEE Box enables a standard modular box for all four WEEE streams which makes storage, transport and handling more efficient. Boxes for all streams can be stacked together and logistics operations combined and simplified.

Safety and ease of use are the driving forces of this new design. The front side can be fully opened to load heavy CRTs or PV modules. A robust construction is maintained due to the use of galvanised steel in the areas that matter which also permits emptying by mechanical tipping to smoothly unload onto a conveyor belt (ask for details).

The wooden parts make the box lighter than metal grid boxes providing easier handling and increased payloads. They also accommodate easy repair which allows you to benefit from a repair service without additional charge.

As with all our boxes, you can combine sidewalls to make larger boxes (i.e. 1, 2.5, 2 or 2.5 cubic meters) with option for a weatherproof lid.

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Ideal specification for all four waste streams.

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Walk-in capability for safe and easy loading of heavy CRTs and PVs.

stackable drie (2)

Stackable for efficient transportation and storage of all four streams.

no bulging (2)

No bulging when overfilled so loading is simple and quick.

circular 3 (2)

CircularEconomy-aligned as wooden components provide easy repair of breakages, free of additional charge.