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Europe’s #1 integrated full-service pooler and producer of pallets and boxes.

Pooling Partners WEEE Recycling Pool – a case study in Circular Economy principles

WEEE Recycling Pooling

As the market leader in the pooling of packaging for the collection and treatment of electronic waste we know how your business works and how to optimise your logistic streams. Working with the WEEE sector for over a decade has enabled us to develop packaging solutions tailored to the challenges faced by the industry.

Pooling of boxes, as opposed to buying, enables you to remove the risk of investing in costly packaging for a customer you may or may not have in a years’ time. Working with a pooler makes capital expenditure and unknown maintenance costs a thing of the past.

Introducing the new Universal WEEE Box

In essence, we allow our customers to focus on their core-competencies so they don’t have to worry about the unexpected challenges that come with the management of pallets and boxes.

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We make buying, storing, repairing, tracking and sharing of safe packaging solutions easy.