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Europe’s #1 integrated full-service pooler and producer of pallets and boxes.

PP | Francepal: A corporate citizen

FRANCEPAL SAS : A committed progressive approach

An Integrated Management System (IMS) to drive an improvement process and continuous improvement through structured and focused actions to increase the trust of our customers, our employees, our shareholders and all stakeholders socio-economic stakeholders :

  • process management customer oriented (ISO 9 001)
  • management of environmental aspects (ISO 14 001)
  • management issues related to hygiene, safety and working conditions (OHSAS 18001)

A sustainable development approach in 3 axis :

  • service to our customers
  • world class manufacturing
  • managerial culture

A process governed by three main principles :

  • standard and result oriented
  • an overall system approach
  • an optical “don’t judge / don’t blame”

A skills management (HR & Skills management), essential support to the implementation of our collective approach with the ambition to meet two main objectives :

  • a goal of progress (individual or collective): improving employee potential of Francepal
  • an economic objective: contributing to continuous improvement of Francepal performances



Certified ISO 9 001

A commitment to continuous improvement in the quality of our products and our processes :

  • for the continuous improvement of customer satisfaction
  • for our market recognition as a responsible and effective partner

A total commitment to serving our customers for a factual approach oriented towards taking mutually beneficial decisions.

Actions oriented toward :

  • a trust objective: meeting our commitments (sustainable customer satisfaction)
  • an economic objective: reduction of tasks without added value for our customers (continuous improvement of our processes)



our approach to OHSAS 18001

Our approach hinge on primarily around preventive actions based on the identification, evaluation and control of risks, actions aimed at changing behavior with respect to these risks.

Improving our productivity depends on each component of our teams and the relationship with its workstation.

Oriented actions :

  • a “health” objective: to maintain the employability of our teams
  • an economic objective: to improve the productivity results

The point isn’t to work more, but to work better.



Our sustainable approach toward ISO 14 001

A commitment to continuous improvement of our environmental performance for our recognition as an industrial company civilly liable for its activities and monitoring their implementation.

Oriented actions :

  • an ecological goal: respect for the environment on the site and our surroundings, control and monitoring of processed materials, supplies from eco-certified sources
  • an economic objective: strict control of expended energy and raw materials used

Location & contact

Francepal: A corporate citizen

Route de Chalou
La Bouchardière
49430 DURTAL

T: +33(0) 241 213 272
E: francepal@poolingpartners.com​