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Europe’s #1 integrated full-service pooler and producer of pallets and boxes.

PP | Packaging Partners

Packaging Partners packs your air and sea cargo wherever you want: at your firm, on the quay or in our workshops in Belgium. We‘re strategically located near the important European ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp, and thanks to many years of experience, are proud to call ourselves air and sea cargo packaging specialists.

High-quality, flexible service, and effective communication are valued by our professional packaging team and our customers.

Packaging Solutions

Sea Cargo Packaging

Packaging in aluminum cover.

If sent by sea, it‘s important that sensitive freight (motors, switchboards, etc.), be optimally protected against external influences. In this case, packaging in a box alone is insufficient, even though the boxes are subsequently placed inside containers.

Packaging Partners will vacuum pack your seagoing cargo in a pouch containing the necessary moisture absorbing material. This has nothing to suffer from the transport by sea. The boxes can then be safely stored outside.

Air Cargo Packaging

Secure and cost-effective.
Cases used for air cargo must meet strict requirements. Size and weight restrictions are also imposed to keep transport costs low.

Working closely with our customers, Packaging Partners will find the best solution for your company to send air cargo in the most secure and most cost-effective manner.

Packaging Heat Treatment

We’re ISMP-15 certified.

Phytosanitary heat treatment of wooden packaging aims to prevent the spread of insects across borders.

In partnership with our ISMP-15 certified parent company, Pasec, Packaging Partners can heat treat all wood packaging according to industry standards. We don’t have to depend on third parties, which means shorter delivery times for our customers.

Custom Air + Sea Cargo Packaging

Specifically designed to meet our customers’ unique packaging requirements.

Packaging Partners has no stock product. Each box, crate or pallet suspension is specifically designed for our customers, to meet their unique needs and product packaging requirements.

In addition, Packaging Partners services and repairs wooden saddles, cradles and chairs taking into account the nature of the material, weight, type of transportation (air or sea), destination country, and, of course, the wishes of the customer.

Location & contact

PP | Packaging Partners

Industrieweg 19
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