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#1 pooler de Europa en ofrecer un servicio completo e integral y productor de pallets y cajas.

1200mm Caja

Bulk Boxes

Use our Bulk Boxes to stack pallets and increase the space utilisation of your
vehicle and warehouse space. Variable box-walls make it easy to customise the
height of boxes. And even better: all boxes are stackable in any configuration.

The box is available under rentals schemes that flexibly provide a reusable
protective box solution without the need for up-front investment at a known certain
all inclusive rental cost.

Features & Benefits

  • High quality reusable and returnable packaging for local
    and pan-European industrial supply chains
  • Robust construction
  • Consistent specification
  • Protects products from damage
  • Improves space utilisation in storage and transport
  • Removes packaging waste
  • Reduces packaging costs