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As a result of increasing consumer demands, safety and environmental regulations the automotive industry requires a flexible operation. In order to achieve these high demands, car producers have to improve their designs, manufacturing processes, and logistics every day.

Pooling Partners helps you to improve your container management processes with our exchange based pooling solutions like the PAKi European network. We have experience in and knowledge of your automotive supply chain. For inhouse, domestic or international movements, for small or large distribution networks.

Our solutions for the sector include the PAKi European network, based on exchange pooling of standard load carriers, such as the Eurobox pallet.

The Eurobox pallet has been accepted by suppliers to the automotive industry like no other load carrier for the transport of unpackaged parts. Furthermore, as far as the transport of packaged merchandise or goods is concerned, automotive aftermarket suppliers, increasingly rely on our GLT boxes.

GLT empty containers are collected by our experienced logistics expert at the place of unloading. Thus large load carriers are retransferred to the open pool after use again and made available to another user located nearby. The PAKi network not only saves acquisition, storage and logistics costs but also offers the enterprises maximum flexibility at any time and helps protect the environment. Production fluctuations can also be offset in this manner.