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Fast Moving Consumer Goods move fast.

With a high turnover they are sold in a retail channel.

The food sector, that is part of the FMCG sector also comprises the out-of-home sector. Here goods are bulk packaged transported to restaurants and whole sale locations. From where the goods go to to hospitals and supermarkets for example.

The players in this sector are divided into produces and distributors. Logistic service providers are an important part of the sector.

In the world of pallets the (hyper)supermarket channel is important to us. On the production side this is often an international business, whereas the distribution of the goods is national, most of the time.

Poolings Partners’ solutions include the European PAKi Logistics network (gebaseerd op ruil van standaard ladingragers) and the IPP Logipal pool (rental based).

For our customer in this sector we provide a range of pallets, like Europallets, IPP pool pallets, H1 hygienic pallets and Düsseldorf pallets.