Pooling Partners
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Europe’s #1 integrated full-service pooler and producer of pallets and boxes.



The right things, on the right moment, at the right location, in the right volumes, and against minimal costs. That is in short the challenge that we face, together with our customers in Logistics.

We support our customers and pallet users in logistics from the development and procurement of a product, via production and distribution to the enduser. Our co-operation is focused on optimal costs and capital use for the owners of the goods, and for their logistic partners.

Often it is not easy to find the balance between cost minimalization and asset management on one hand, and on the other side maximilization of client service that our customers want to provide.

In a rapidly changing world it is essential to control your supply chain fully.

We know it all by experience. With good quality pooled pallets and other load carriers we support our customers and users optimally.

Pooling Partners solutions include the European PAKi Logistics network (exchange based pooling), the IPP Logipal pool (rental based pooling) and the PRS Return System.

There is choice of widely accepted pallets and boxes available for each supply chain that our logistic customers work in.